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The Presbyterian Church of Kane

Meet our Pastor

Meet Our Staff

Who are we?




Rev. Rebecca Taylor

















Anne Cleer, Administrative Secretary

Lori Fiscus, Financial Secretary

Lynda Karger, Music Director

Betsey Davis, Handbell Director

Sharon Bond, Organist

Lynda & Gary Schul, Custodians





























We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), one of the oldest Christian denominations in America, with roots dating back to the Protestant Reformation of the 1530's.  


Our congregation is welcoming and caring, as well as generous with our collective time and talents.


We take to heart the words of Micah 6:8

"He has told you what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God."


















Find us in Kane, Pennsylvania, a rural community in the northern Allegheny mountains.


We are located on PA Route 6, in the middle of Kane (on the corner of Chase & Greeves Streets)

Where are we?

Our Ruling Elders/Trustees


Matt Gayley (Clerk of Session)


Class of 2016:

Lori FIscus

Curt Hartman

Lynda Karger

Sue Wilson


Class of 2017:

Merry Ryding

Rhonda Holt

Christina Baum


Class of 2018:

John Cleland

Ruth Hallberg

Peggy Luck

Leanna Schleicher

Our Deacons


Class of 2016:

Tom Balliet

Becky Koza

Dale McLaughlin

Tabby Walker


Class of 2017:

Linda Knapp

Kathy Muisiner

Diane Humphrey

Ann James


Class of 2018:

Monika Lyons

Toni Ishman

Jan Baker

Julie Cleland